Hamish Robson-Wright


I recently graduated from my Physiotherapy degree in AUT in 2022. Prior to this, I have been working as a Massage Therapist for 8 years since completing my first degree. I have extensive experience working with people with persistant pain and professional athletes at a high level.

I have now expanded my skills with Physiotherapy to help more people in a tailored way informed by evidence based interventions.

I am passionate about working with people and I enjoy understanding my clients and problem solving in a collaborative way.

In my spare time I like playing guitar, my friends and I are always looking for new songs to cover. I also love chats about movies and music. As a Physio who values the benefits of exercise for my clients, I regularly strength train and am always trying new things.

Qualitifications and Interests
BHSc Physiotherapy
Massage Therapist