From ACC-regulated physiotherapy, your physical WOF, sports specific rehabilitation, injury management, pre-hab and post-operative rehab & everything in between

Physiotherapy Care

Collectively we work with you to restore optimal movement & function post niggle, injury or surgery. Experience thorough assessments to achieve a quality diagnosis and clear treatment pathway. We provide the best evidence based treatments to help you recover from setbacks and heal stronger than before.  

Treatment techniques range from gold standard exercise based rehabilitation, joint mobilizations, soft tissue massage, trigger point therapy, cupping, needling, acupuncture and strength and conditioning.

Performance Physiotherapy

From our gym go-ers, to our athletes, to everyone who wants to perform better. Staying at your prime health means putting time into recovery, which can mean getting your body assessed more regularly by the pro's.

Come in for a physical WOF where we assess for muscle imbalances, loosen & address tight niggles before they eventuate to an injury. We also specialize in end stage rehab, return to play sports clearance and post op rehab taking you to a performance level. 



From calming petrissage techniques to encourgage blood flow and healing to deeper tissue release to restore dysfunction. We also use trigger point therapy, active trigger point release and stretching techniques to improve range of motion, strength and muscular activation.

Dry Needling/Cupping

Modalities used to wake up sleepy muscles, improve neuromuscular control and activation. These techniques also relieve tightness across muscles and myofasica significantly reducing pain and restoring optimal movement.

Joint mobilizations

From stiff ankles to restricted range throughout our necks and backs, we use various grades of joint mobilizations to restore range and function.

Return to Sport

Although we treat all ages and a wide variety of injuries, we are passionate about sports based recovery & performance. We breakdown movement patterns specific to your sport requirements and ensure you are capable of performancing each movement confidently.

Your recovery can consist of goal setting, muscle priming techniques, mobility drills, sport specific prehab accessories, agility, speed & strength work. We're the gap between the intial injury to performing with a full recovery, as if nothing ever happened in the first place.