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Your Journey With Us


First appointment

After being welcomed by one of the team, we will fill out a patient health form with you. We discuss what brought you to see us, find out more about you & your movement/health history. We will then go through various assessments to diagnose or discuss what is going on & talk about what the plan may look like from here.



We will reccomend what the most suitable treatment options could be for you to ensure we are able to see positive changes in your movement patterns & help your body feel better. Treatments vary from soft tissue release, trigger point therapy, myofascial work, acupuncture, dry needling, cupping, mobility & stretching drills to joint mobilizations. We may even head into into our functional gym, working on changing some movement patterns.


Lets get moving

We want you to leave with new knowledge under your belt in how to faciliate a speedy recovery & maintain a strong, stable body! We'll show you how to make your movement more efficient & guide you every step of the way if it's post injury or post op. This can vary from a thorough strength and conditioning based program tailored to your goals to a few strength, agility or mobility drills we can prescribe for you.


What we offer

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Physiotherapy services

Comprehensive assessment & treatment

As Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist's, we understand the human body from head to toe. We work with you to restore optimal movement & function post injury & dysfunction. We are passionate about  getting you to your goals & achieving greater quality of life. We help you understand your own body, how your joints and muscles are working & how an injury may have occured. We provide the best evidence based treatments to help you recover from a setback & work with you how to heal stronger than before.

Performance Physiotherapy

"Maintainence Physiotherapy"

Staying at your prime health and performance means putting time into your recovery which can mean getting your body assessed regularly by the pro's. We can assess for muscle imbalances, enhance your mobility, loosen tight muscles & address niggles before they become an injury. Injury prevention is one of our primary values here at Rehab Co & maintainence Physiotherapy can help you stay feeling your absolute best.

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Return to sport

Movement pattern specific rehab & prehab

Although we treat all ages and a wide variety of injuries, we are passionate about sports based recovery & performance. Each activity in life requires a combination of different movement patterns. We breakdown these movement patterns and ensure you are capable of performing each movement confidently. Your recovery can consist of goal setting, muscle priming techniques, mobility drills, sport specific prehab accessories, agility, speed & strength work. We also work with personal trainers and strength & conditoning coaches to enable you to return to your best. Confidently return to sport and learn new skills & knowledge along the journey.

Rehab Co Mobile

A Proud New Zealand First

Est. April 2019, our Rehab Co Mobile Treatment Units (MTU's) bring you a modern, compact service at your convenience. Five across Auckland and Wellington. Essentially a fully equipped clinic in a mobile-van style, we have changed the way Physiotherapy is accessed in New Zealand. We currently work with various gyms, attend health & fitness events, tournaments, nationals and competitions. We work with offices, schools, corporate groups & working teams to improve quality of life. We are able to provide quality injury prevention education to more Kiwis & ensure your body is feeling it's best. Enquire today to see how we can help mobilize your team or staff's go.

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Meet the team

Our rehab co tribe consists of 25 members of the team across Auckland & Wellington. We all come from a diverse background in sport, health & fitness. Interests span from nutrition and the effects on recovery & performance, athletic rehab to post operative care and high performance sideline management. We have experience working overseas, with sports teams, in hospitals & rehab centers, working with all age groups from children to older aged care. We are a professional and friendly bunch and welcome you into our clinics ready to take the next positive step forward with you in your journey.

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Appointment Pricing

Initial 1 hour appointment  |  $45.00
Follow up 30min or 1 hour |  $25.00

Inital 1 hour appointment  | $90.00
Follow up 40min                | $65.00

Acupuncture:  20 min $50 | 15 min $40


Sports Massage

1 hour $120 | 45 mins $79 | 30 mins $45

Cupping alone $25  | Dry needling $35

Strapping per body party $5.00


Opening Hours

Monday to Friday | 7am to 7pm
Last appointment at 630pm

Email   | hello@rehabcophysio.com
Call us | 0800 734 2226



0800 734 2226

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