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A Physiotherapist helps someone recover from an injury or dysfunction or simply makes adjustments and improvements in someones movement, health & wellbeing. Through improving movement patterns, strength and range of motion. We are there step by step from post-op to working towards new physical goals. We analyze biomechanics, provide postural assessments, assess your joint stability and help you understand how well your muscles are working directly and indirectly with each other.

We improve your movement via strengthening, stretching or a combination of both. We are hands on, releasing soft tissue adhesions, manually mobilizing joints, we use dry needling, cupping, myofascial release techniques and neuromuscular therapy. We can help you improve range of motion, power, muscle efficiency and your confidence by providing you with comprehensive education in how to be the best you physically and mentally.

There is so much more to your physical health than just what we see, our lifestyles influence the way we move, our day to day movement patterns in our line of work, our sporting habits, nutrition, sleep and our mentality. Here at Rehab Co we address all of these factors to bring you the most holistic program to facilitate your recovery or to simply reach your goals you are aiming for. We are with you every step of the way in an active gym-based facility with access to strength and conditioning coaches, personal trainers and we can also refer to orthopaedic specialists and sports physicians should we need to.

Enquire today with how we can help you!

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