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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to see my GP to start an ACC form?

We are ACC registered and can fill out ACC forms with you in clinic. We reccomend seeing your GP if you feel you need pain relief or want to do a fuller health check. If we have concerns we will refer you to the GP also.

What do I wear?

We have shorts available in clinic however whichever part of the body you are wanting to be assessed, it would be reccomended to wear loose clothing ie loose top, singlet and/or shorts.

Do Physio treatments hurt?

Physio techniques can be firm however we talk through our entire assessment and treatment process to ensure you understand the process, we also ask patient consent before all practices and check in with you throughout. Generally every session you walk out feeling better than you came in!

How do I go for xrays/ultrasounds and MRIS?

On assessment we evaluate weather or not further imaging is required and can directly send you for xray and ultrasounds. If we feel an MRI might be necessary we can refer you directly to specialists who can do so.

When will I get better?

We assess, provide a diagnosis and plan. We manually treat, educate, and guide you along your journey but ultimately provide you with a vast amount of tools and injury prevention/management knowledge to promote healing, recovery and self independance. Our gold standard exercise based treatment is often provided for you to improve functional and physical outcomes and therefore results will depend on adherance & pro-activeness from each individual.

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