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Performance Physiotherapy

Your weekly, monthly or every now & then treatment

Maintenance aka Injury prevention is a core part of what we value and practice here at The Rehab Co. We do see people at the start of an injury. But more commonly, we see people weeks and sometimes months into “seeing how it goes”. It’s also the, “old school mentality” to train through minor twinges and pain.

We often do not appreciate our amazing bodies until we lose the ability to perform simple tasks at home like putting our shoes and socks on, walking past our letterbox pain free or being able to partake in our hobbies and sporting demands. Listening to your body can be the key to staying fit, active and healthy.

Our bodies are designed of multiple bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints, directly and indirectly working together to facilitate movement. Through our repetitive daily movement patterns or increases in training and physical demands, along with the ups and downs of life, our bodies adapt and at times develop weaknesses in our human chain.

We find ourselves on auto pilot and we ignore some of the common signals our bodies may be giving us like tight muscles, weakness with some of our actions, niggles, aches and pains. We may also neglect some less obvious symptoms that often predispose someone to an injury such as fatigue, poor sleeping, increases in stress resulting in altered breathing patterns as well as changes in eating patterns. 

Movement is an integral part of life and in order to stay on top of our physical capabilities and importance we have to get on top of these signals before they prevent us from doing what we love.  We want you to listen to your body and treat your Physiotherapist as you would your hairdresser or your mechanic. We need to change the way we think and view our health, seeing a health professional when part of us is broken or injured is often too late.

In any professional sport for example, it takes an entire team to keep an athlete at the top of their game. In any physical activity, recovery is equally as important as the physical performance! At Rehab Co we love having our regular check ins with clients. Regular sports Physiotherapy can help you identify week to week where your body may need extra help in terms of recovery.

Getting those tight muscles released, strengthening and activating others and identifying weaknesses in the chain before something breaks down keeps people performing at their peak, ultimately helping to prevent injury. PREHAB and priming is our bread and butter here at Rehab Co.

We want to be a key part of your team, helping you prioritize your health and wellbeing and unlock even more of your potential.

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