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Return to Sport

Over the years of being Physiotherapists we have found a common gap in the field of recovery and return to play. The team at Rehab all individually have passions in sport and fitness and therefore are driven to help you recover and return to doing what you love safely, efficiently & most importantly confidently.

With Rehab there are numerous components and factors to address in your recovery regime. Let us take care of that for you and join us as we take you through safe steps to reach your goals, addressing range, strength, balance, agility, speed and better performance overall.

Being experts in human anatomy, we provide goal-specific and sports-related prehab or rehab exercises to enable you to recover optimally. All our clients love getting stuck into moving again and walk away with greater knowledge around our human body, injury prevention and recovery.

We can formulate programs with you, increase your independence with understanding the dos and don'ts of post injury and post op and help you to your end goal with ease. 

Whatever it may be, we are determined to get you back to doing what you love.

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